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A year in the life of Spain, its holidays, fiesta, parades and processions
If you do not speak spanish and you need to report a crime - you can call and report your crime in English, French, German or Italian
Sit back and absorb some of these simple Spanish phrases that are being generated at random
An insight into the siesta, shop and business hours and tapas
Telefonica in English Most of us who have signed up with telefonica have a "DOMO" telephone (the one supplied by telefonica) and struggled with the instructions - I have found this useful English translation, I wish that I had it five years ago
What's the current weather? This months weather, updated "almost" daily and as observed in Benalmadena since July 2005
This weather forecast that is often more accurate than the Met Office and has some interesting maps and pictures
Well we are obsessed with the weather and here it is in Benalmadena this one will also let you practice your spanish, as it comes from canal meteo in spain and gives the five day forecast with easy to understand graphics
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What am I getting for my money? Convert any currency into any other currency, with live exchange rates
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Some things I have noticed since moving to the Costa del Sol that you might find interesting, informative and amusing
Since I have been in spain I have developed a taste for its cured hams without understanding the different qualities and prices. As the average Spaniard eats nearly 5 kilos of ham per year, and 40 million hams are cured every year, I thought that a little research was called for.
If you are looking for ideas for something different to to while you are in Andalucia try our new Days Out which include maps and pictures with a full description of the journey.
From right here in front of your computer e shop for flights, package deals, hotels, car hire and travel insurance safely and securely - At really LOW prices
A comprehensive list of the many weekly markets and "Rastro's" as the spanish call their Flea Markets and Car Boot Sales.  A lot of which are organised by an assortment of charities.
What you neeed to know about the Airport, Taxi's Trains and buses.
Emergency Chemists When on Sundays or a Fiesta and out of normal hours there is only one Farmacia open. Click on the link to find where
A pretty comprehensive list of the Hotels, Hostals and Apartments in the area. With contact numbers, web site and email links


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